Nation’s Cup

Nation’s Cup

During the P4P Open World Championship, there will in addition be an invitational team event with up to 24 national teams from different countries.

Please use this address for all questions regarding the Nation’s Cup:

Participating Countries

The following countries have confirmed their participation in the Nation’s Cup:


















Details Regarding the Nation’s Cup

Name: As in our previous tournaments, the name of the event is “Players 4 Players Nation’s Cup” and the winning team will be awarded the title “P4P Nation’s Cup Champion”. This naming is to avoid any confusion with the team events organized by the ITSF. The P4P Nation’s Cup is not a World Championship, the winning team will not bear the title “World Champion” and the team event does not count towards any ITSF rankings.

Number of teams: We have sent out this invitation to all countries where we could find a contact person; but the event is limited to a maximum of 24 participating national teams. Should more teams apply, the order/date of arrival of the definitive confirmation (with the complete players list of a team) will decide which teams will participate — “first come, first served”.

Team list / confirmation of participation: We need a written confirmation (email) about their participation from all national teams, until June 1st, 2018. This confirmation has to include a team list with the names of all players, if possible with a team picture and players pictures. The confirmation also has to include the name of the team captain (which can be one of the max 10 players but can also be an 11th person).

Eligible players: To play in a national team for a country, players have to have the citizenship of that country (proved by a passport or other official document). It is also possible to play for a country where the player has lived for at least three years. Additionally, players may not have played for a different country in the past three years (neither in P4P nor ITSF events). NEW since 2016: We recognize the difficulty many countries face in nominating the required number of women for the event and have therefore relaxed the conditions in that regard: women can be nominated even if they have played for a different country in past P4P or ITSF events. Of cource, they still have to possess the correct citizenship, or have lived for several years in the country they are nominated for.

Number of team members: 8 players have to be nominated for each team (at least two of them women), plus up to two reserve players, making up for a maximum of 10 players. A team captain has also to be nominated; this can be one of the aforementioned players but can also be an 11th person. In the latter case, the team captain is not allowed to play in the matches (only the 10 players). Up to two missing players (one woman and one man) can be compensated by forfeiting their matches (see below, “mode of play”), so the absolute minimum number of players that have to be present at the tournament is six (among them at least one woman).

team_deMode of play: No group mode, we will play single elimination mode from the start. The best 8 teams will be seeded, according to our previous Nation’s Cup events. There will be a match for 3rd place, but not for the places below 4 — so there will be four teams sharing places 4-8, and eight teams sharing places 9-16.

In each match, the following games will be played:

Doubles 1
Men’s Singles
Doubles 2
Women’s Singles

No single player is allowed to play in more than one game during a match! This is the reason there have to be at least 8 players in each team; i.e. in each game during a match, there will be different players participating. Should a team start a match with not enough players to fulfill this requirement, this team will have to forfeit all games which cannot be played by different players. For example, if they can only nominate one woman, they would have to forfeit either the Mixed or the Women’s Singles, because the same player is not allowed to play both. A team with more than one man and one woman missing cannot participate in the team event; i. e. the absolute minimum of players that have to be present is six (among them at least one woman).

All games are played “Best of Three” (with each set going to 5 goals). The matches will be played according to the P4P rules.

Hotel(s): The national team members (or their national federations) have to pay for their traveling costs and hotel rooms themselves and they also have to organize the booking of rooms themselves. Each participating team will receive 200€ from P4P, to help compensate for their costs.

Dress code: The team captain of the national teams are responsible for organizing matching T-Shirts (or Polo shirts etc.) for the members of their team. In any case, the members of each national team have to wear sportive, matching clothing (preferable with your country’s name and/or flag on it).

Price Money: See Tournament Flyer.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for the Nation’s Cup.

P4P Open World Championship: Of course, the members of the national teams can also participate in the different Doubles / Singles events of the P4P Open World Championship (they have to pay the same entry fees as all other players attending the event).

Time Schedule: All National Team players have to be present for the opening ceremony on Friday at 9:00 pm, wearing their team dress, to facilitate the presentation of the teams. The Nation’s Cup will start after the ceremony and the draw of the matches, at approximately 10:00 pm. The first 1-2 rounds will be played on Friday; the remaining rounds on Saturday starting at 4:00 pm. The final will be completed Saturday at about 11:00 pm; after that, we will have the winner’s ceremony and a tombola.

More Details about the time schedule for all events.